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Today’s Gospel invites us to reflect on some of Jesus’ sayings. Our world, as we know,
is in a bit of a mess to put it mildly….with so many countries in crisis and fears of
terrorism everywhere. How then do we reconcile Jesus’ opening words with this?
Jesus says: DO NOT BE AFRAID, little flock! Can we be without fear and with HOPE?
YES! As the followers of Jesus, we are trying to bring about the reign of God
His teaching, His values. Even though our Christian world is smaller and less
powerful than the other world, yet Christians who practice and try to follow
Jesus ARE A SIGN of God’s Kingdom taking shape among us: they are LEAVEN, LIGHT on a hill,
Jesus asked us to be those signs. If we’re tempted to lose Hope just remember how hopeless
everything looked on the hill of Calvary! But it led to the Resurrection.
Today’s Gospel is a follow:
On from last Sunday’s which raised important
questions for us. Jesus asks us: Where is your treasure? Because that’s
where our heart will be also. Jesus talks about God calling us unexpectedly.
So, what would I do immediately if I knew this: what would I consider as my
TRASURE then? Sometimes we should ask our children and our young people what TREASURE they
would most like from us…. Would it be financial
success, status in society or quality of living and friendship? It is good for us
to remember that when we go to God, we take nothing with us except THE

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