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Gospel Reflection

The start of the Liturgical year for us. We start out listening to John the Baptist, the great WITNESS to Jesus. Very soon we will listen to Jesus Himself as he starts His public life and His Preaching.

In our own Faith journey, we too listened first of all to Witnesses to Jesus, our parents, teachers, local priest maybe, catholic school, parish community. After that we, each of us, listened to Jesus in our prayers etc, sacraments as we grew up. So each of us was introduced to Jesus by others, just as John recognised Jesus first and then pointed Him out to others to follow.

Our challenge today is for each to ask our-selves: What is MY WITNESS to Jesus?? Do I bring others to Him or hopefully at least not turn others away, by the goodness of our lives; through the quiet but real ways in which I show that I believe in Jesus and His teaching and try to follow His teaching.

In this special sense each of us, Baptised as we are, is “A JOHN THE BAPTIST” wherever we are. Witnesses to Jesus and His way of love and forgiveness and compassion. Sometimes WE are the ONLY Gospel that others will ever hear!!!

Children catch their Faith from parents, grandparents often too…We must ask ourselves: What kind of MODEL/Witness we are providing for them. Do they see us praying, going to Church, to Sunday Mass; read-ing and reflecting a little on the Gospels….being involved in our parish community???


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