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We have been commemorating the beautiful events of the infancy of Jesus since Christmas day.
In the liturgy of this Sunday, however, we witness Jesus as an adult. We see him being baptised,
and we hear the voice of God the Father saying to him: “You are my beloved Son. On you my favour rests.”
The liturgical feast of the Baptism of the Lord concludes the Church’s celebration of Christmas.
It helps to remind us that Jesus was born to be our Saviour. His baptism marks the beginning of is
public ministry which culminates in his paschal sacrifice, his death and resurrection. Jesus was born to die.
He came into the world to offer himself in a perfect sacrifice to his heavenly Father for the salvation of
the whole world. Although the baptism of Jesus was not the sacrament which we receive, our baptism is related to his.
Our baptism marked the beginning of our Christian lives. God the Father looked upon us with pride and
declared, “You are beloved children, my sons and daughters, upon whom my favour rests.”

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