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Gospel Reflection

Love does not demand the Cross, but in the life of Jesus love ends up on the Cross. That was what actually hap-pened. Isn’t such a tremendous event at least worth the memory?

So, the ceremonies of Holy Week that are just upon us are not an empty show repeated for the sake of the dramatic effect of the story. They are an entry into the mystery of Jesus FOR US – in so far as our limited human abilities allow us. They are a making present to us, here and now, of Christ’s life and death and resurrection so that we can share in all that it means, and be purified, consoled and inspired by it.

The PROCESSION that we recalled at Mass today urges us to face the chal-lenge of life WITH Jesus: to accept OUR cross; not to run away, and to be Ve-ronica and a Simon of Cyrene whenever we can.

The GOSPEL – Mark’s account of the Passion – shows us our Saviour in all his humanity. It highlights the terror of Gethsemane for Jesus, thereby revealing to us His human weakness and vulnerability, but also His unconditional ac-ceptance of His Father’s will. Jesus makes a clear claim to be the Son of God. His disciples panic and desert Him. Only the brave and faithful women re-main to the end. It is left to a pagan outsider to be the first to confess his divinity.



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