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Saturday 25 February 2023

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Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Greetings to you all!

Today we begin our first Sunday in this grace filled season of Lent. The Lenten season is a powerful reminder to every baptised member; how one should be willing to walk with Jesus as he walked his way to Calvary. Jesus embraced the will of his father willingly and remained committed till his death on the cross. Similarly, we too should have the same courage and willingness to embrace this season of grace, so that we move closer to Jesus and win the many battles of our temptations as Jesus won at the start of his public ministry.

No human person is free of any temptations in life. The book of Genesis reminds us that our first parents: Adam and Eve experienced temptations in life. The serpent knew how to create desire in the human heart, so it said to the woman: ‘No! You will not die! God knows in fact that on the day you eat it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like gods, knowing good and evil.’ The woman saw that the tree was good to eat and pleasing to the eye, and that it was desirable for the knowledge that it could give. So, she took some of its fruit and ate it.’ (Gen 3:4-7).

As the saying goes: “All that glitters is not gold” so also all that delights our eyes not necessarily lead us to a life of happiness. All of us need to stay awake to discern what is good or bad and find out more diligently whether what we witness with our sight offers us life or death.

When the devil showed the kingdoms of the world and promised to give them to Jesus if he fell at Satan’s feet and worshipped him. But Jesus strongly rebuked Satan and said ‘Be off, Satan! For scripture says: You must worship the Lord your God and serve him alone.’ Each time the devil made his suggestion, Jesus unsheathed “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (Eph 6:17). It was his knowledge of Scripture and his commitment to live by its message that aided him in the fight. For this reason, familiarity with Scripture should be an essential part of Christian formation. It is a powerful weapon for the struggles of the spiritual life.”

When Jesus faced his temptation in the desert, he could have vanquished the tempter with his divine might, but this was not his chosen approach. Instead, Jesus faced his trial in a human way, in full solidarity with humanity. He never ceased to be the Son of God, and yet he won the battle as a man.’

So, when faced with difficulties and temptations in life, let us take refuge in God’s revealed world. The letter to the Hebrews says, “Because he himself was tested through what he suffered; he is able to help those who are being tested” (Heb 2:18). These words invite us to turn to Jesus for grace and inner strength in times of need. Amen.

Fr. John Sebastian OMI
Rector & Parish Priest

The Weekend eBulletin

Click here to download the eBulletin for the Frist Sunday of Lent in Ordinary Time, Year A.

Project Compassion for 2023: For All Future Generations

This weekend a Special Collection for Project Compassion will be taken up at all Masses.

Stations of the Cross

Every Friday until Good Friday there will be Stations of the Cross in English after the midday Mass, and Stations in Italian at 7pm. Please Note: there will be no Stations of the Cross in Italian on Friday 16 March.

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Disaster Leaving Collection

A leaving collection for those who have been affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria, will be taken up on the weekend of the 4th and 5th March. Your generous donation means that Caritas partners in Turkey and Syria can respond swiftly to support the survivors of this unimaginable tragedy.

Parish Morning Tea

The next parish morning tea will be held on Sunday 5th March after the 8am Mass in the Presbytery carport. All Welcome.

Lenten Retreat

Once again John Auer will host a Lenten Retreat commencing on Monday 6th March to Monday 27th March commencing at 6pm in the Parish Centre. The Retreat will journey with Jesus Christ through his life to his death and resurrection. Please register with the Parish Office on 9335 2268 or email

Save the date for St Patrick’s Day Celebration: Thursday 16th March at 7pm

Dear Parishioners,

I would like to invite you all for a concelebrated Vigil Mass to celebrate our Patron Saint Patrick on Thursday 16th at 7pm.

This will give us the opportunity to welcome the other 25 Oblates in Australia who will be in Fremantle for a conference.  Fr. Christian Fini will be the principle celebrant and homilist.  So kindly mark this date in your diary.

Light supper will be served in the Presbytery Carport after Mass. RSVP is essential to the Parish office, before Monday 13 March.

St. Patrick’s Day Concert

Dear Parishioners, you are all welcome to the St. Patrick’s Day concert on Friday 17th March at 7.30pm. It will be a great day to honour and celebrate our Patron Saint Patrick. The entry is by donation. Your generous donation will help the music ministry of the Basilica of St. Patrick.

Catholic Worship Hymn Books

We are looking at upgrading our congregation Catholic Worship Hymn Books (green books) with the new version and are seeking donations to assist the parish with the purchase of 150 new books at a cost of $32 per book plus freight. Direct Deposit donations can be deposited into BSB: 086 006 A/C No: 48794 3085 using your name and hymn book donation as reference. If you would like more information, please contact Angie in the Parish Office. All donations no matter how big or small will assist and be greatly appreciated, so far $1235 has been donated, Thank You!

Planned Giving

The Planned Giving Programme is an important part of the Parish and assists us to maintain all aspects of the Basilica, Presbytery and Parish Administration Centre. To keep the Parish viable, we must maintain a target of 95% and above each week. Last week giving was 56%. 

Please consider joining the Planned Giving Programme. For more information contact the Parish Office. Thank you!

EFT First Collection Details

BSB: 086 006

A/c No: 56187 5405

Reference: 1st Collection and your name

First Collection supports the Priests.

EFT Second Collection Details

BSB: 066 107

A/c No:  0080 0216

Reference: 2nd Collection and your name

Second Collection supports the Parish.

The new 23/24 Planned Giving Envelopes are available in the side foyer this weekend for collection. Please pick up your envelopes!

Regarding Masks

Masks are not mandatory; however, masks are encouraged where physical distancing is not possible if you have cold & flu symptoms, or you wish to safeguard yourself from the COVID-19 virus.

Safeguarding of our children in the Parish

The Archdiocesan Safeguarding Project was started in 2016 by Archbishop Timothy Costello SDB with the aim of providing a safe and secure environment for all its members, leaders and especially children and vulnerable adults. The parish of St Patrick’s Basilica is committed to creating a safe parish. To read more please click here.


Friday 3 March: World Day of Prayer.

Weekend 4/5 March: Parish Morning Tea; Special Collection at all Masses for Earthquake victims in Turkey & Syria.

Monday 6 March: Lenten Retreat Commences.

Thursday 16 March: St Patrick’s Day Mass.

Friday 17 March: St Patrick’s Day Concert.