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Saturday 26 March 2022

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Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Greetings to you all!

Fourth Sunday of Lent: Year C

The fourth Sunday of Lent is traditionally known as Laetare Sunday (Rejoicing Sunday). This Sunday also reminds us that we are at the midpoint towards our celebration of Easter joy. During your Lenten journey, while meditating on the Word of God, you would have noticed how God never abandoned the people of Israel, though they had abandoned God. The people’s abandonment of God did not bring anger on the people rather it brought them more mercy, compassion and in fact God waited for them to understand his love for them, that was God’s love for his chosen people.

St. Augustine would beautifully capture the love of God saying, “God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.” Yes, God’s love for each one of us is personal and intimate. If one could understand this love of God, then we are on the path to seek him and thus we will be united with him. God’s love for his sons and daughters never gets exhausted rather it grows daily.

In the first reading we meditate, how after forty years of wandering in the desert, Joshua, the successor of Moses, finally led the people into the promised land. They crossed the Jordan river (Which God dried up to allow them pass) near the town of Jericho. Joshua erected there twelve stones, taken from the Jordan as a monument to indicate to future generations the place where Israel entered the promised land. It is a clear proof of God’s constant love, and his love reached its climax when they finally entered the promised land. In this land they are no longer slaves, but they are all free citizens. Now they have all the freedom to worship their God of Salvation who brought them out of the land of Egypt.

So, as we move towards the joy of Easter, how would you describe your Lenten journey this year to your family and friends: Did you feel the intimate friendship and the love of God in your personal lives? Though you might have abandoned God, yet did you realise his constant love for you? So, continue to acknowledge the love of God in your personal lives and try to imitate Christ in every way possible. Amen.

The weekend bulletin

Click here to download the ebulletin for the Fourth Sunday in Lent Year C

Prayer for Peace and Justice in Ukraine

God of peace and justice,
who change the hardened heart and break the power of violence,
we entrust the people of Ukraine to you.
Protect them in this time of peril;
let them know not death but life, not slavery but freedom.
You are Father of all;
we are brothers and sisters.
Give us the strength to live that truth in love,
choosing peace not war.
Through Christ our Lord.

On Sunday 3rd April: Monthly Parish Morning Tea

On 3rd April after the 8am Mass we will have the Parish Morning Tea. Please come along to meet friends and to make friends from our Basilica community.  

Stations of the Cross in Lent

During the Lenten season it is a great tradition in the life of the Church to make the Stations of the Cross, and thus unite ourselves with Christ by meditating on His Passion, Death and Resurrection. So, in our Basilica, on every Friday during Lent we will make the stations of the Cross at 12.30pm. Please join us and make every effort to make this Lent a joyful preparation to celebrate the joy of Easter.

Parish Lenten Retreat 2022

“It was because of love that the Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us.”

You are invited as part of your Lenten preparation to come together for a series of one-hour prayerful evenings (we will be using some of the meditation exercises from the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola as our guide for the journey) where we will journey with Jesus Christ through his life to his death and resurrection.

The first TWO series of talks have finished now. It is still not too late to attend the remaining talks on Monday 28th March 4 and 11 April in the Parish Centre at 6pm. To register your interest please contact the Parish Office on 9335 2268, Mon to Fri 9am to 3pm or via email

Oblate Madonna Statues

The “Moments of Grace” program has been running since August 2021 and commemorates the moment in which St Eugene, at the Oblate Madonna statue, received affirmation of his newly founded Order. The programme culminates on 15 August 2022, on the 200th anniversary of this significant moment in Oblate history. Each month, a resource is being developed to encourage us as the wider De Mazenod Family community to be more aware of the history around St Eugene, and to grow deeper in our connection with Mary.

As part of the programme, replicas of the Oblate Madonna statue have been ordered in two sizes for distribution across the Oblate Ministries. Fr Christian Fini OMI will be presenting a larger statue to each Ministry on his visits over the coming months. Smaller statues are available for sale of $10 from our piety stall. Thanks for all your support you give us in our missions.

Thank You: Archbishop’s Christmas Appeal for LifeLink 2021

Archbishop Costelloe SDB thanks the Fremantle Catholic Community for the generous donation of $6,300 for the LifeLink appeal in 2021. This figure incorporates donations received directly from the Parish and through mailed donations. The total amount of donations raised in this appeal was $688,869.26. Thank you.

Readers for the Holy Week Liturgy 2022

Dear Parishioners, I need your support especially in the ministry of the Liturgy of the Word, to proclaim the Word of God on Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Stations of the Cross at 11am, Friday of the Passion of the Lord, Easter Vigil, and Easter Sunday.

Kindly also note that unlike last year we require 14 readers for the Stations of the Cross at 11am alone. If you could generously give your time for all of them or some Masses during the Holy Week liturgies, please contact the Parish Office on or before 5th April and they will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Thanks for your help.

Safeguarding of our children in the Parish

The Archdiocesan Safeguarding Project was started in 2016 by Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB with the aim of providing a safe and secure environment for all its members, leaders and especially children and vulnerable adults. The parish of St Patrick’s Basilica is committed to creating a safe parish. To read more please click here.

God bless!

Fr John Sebastian
Rector and Parish Priest