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Saturday 12 February 2022

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Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Greetings to you all!

The 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Year C

What makes me happy? Where do I find my happiness? If I ask myself these questions or something similar, it only reminds me that I am in constant search for happiness in life. There is nothing wrong; but we must search for our answers from the right source. The liturgy of the Word for the 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time gives us the source where one needs to seek for his/her happiness in life.

The Prophet Jeremiah says, ‘A blessing on the man who puts his trust in the Lord, with the Lord for his hope. He is like a tree by the waterside that thrusts its roots to the stream: when the heat comes it feels no alarm, its foliage stays green; it has no worries in a year of drought, and never ceases to bear fruit.’ Yes, one who trusts in the Lord and in his promises will be blessed with happiness and fulness of life all through his/her life.

How to trust in God and his word when there seems to be no ray of hope in life. This question would occur in everyone’s mind when life continues to bring challenges to one’s life. One of my friends is a perfect example to my life: due to heavy loss in business, he almost lost everything in life and life was so hard for him even to manage the daily needs of his family and to maintain his other commitments too. Amidst all these circumstances, he never lost his hope in the Lord. He Always used to read the Word of God daily and participated in the mass as he did before. Through his perseverance and by the grace of God he was able to get back to his original status in life. So, never give up on God. I always believe that God’s plan cannot be defeated.

Yes, through the Beatitudes, God is calling us all to follow his path that He had set before us all and pursue the happiness of our life. He is calling us to be faithful to his word, to be peacemakers, and sharers of God’s love and blessings with one another in the community, which he has so generously given us, so that every one of us may enjoy the fruits of God’s wonderful love and happiness in life.

This weekend’s eBulletin

Click here to download the eBulletin for the 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Year C

Papal Approval of OMI Congregation

On February 17, 1826, Pope Leo XII approved the Congregation and its Constitutions and Rules. On February 18, 1826, Father de Mazenod wrote to the Oblates: “Heart and soul we should cling to our Rules and practise with exactitude everything they prescribe … They are no longer mere regulations, nor simply pious directives; they are Rules which the Church, after very careful examination, has approved…”

On this day the Oblates in Western Australia will come together for a concelebrated Mass at Noon. Please join us and pray for the Oblates around the world and pray for more vocations to the Oblate congregation.

Ash Wednesday Mass Times

We begin our Lenten journey on 2nd March with the celebration of Ash Wednesday. It is a great season to take an inward journey into our lives and see what needs to be corrected so that we can enjoy the fulness of life that Christ has promised to us (Jn 10:10). We should take this time of reflection seriously and come closer to God.

On Ash Wednesday, there will be Three Masses: 9.00am, 12noon and 7pm. Please make use of this opportunity and begin our Lenten journey with the determination to always follow Jesus in our lives.

Parish Lenten Retreat 2022

“It was because of love that the Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us.”

Lent is a time of journeying, when we are preparing ourselves to join with Jesus on the last days of his life which led from the Last Supper to his show trial, conviction, and death by crucifixion, coming to completion three days later as the risen Christ of St Pauls’ letters.

You are invited, as part of your Lenten preparation, to come together for a series of one-hour prayerful evenings where we will journey with Jesus Christ through his life to his death and resurrection. We will be using some of the meditation exercises from the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola as our guide for the journey. Commencing on Monday 14 March, and continuing every Monday for five weeks (14, 21,28 March, 4 & 11 April) in the Parish Centre at 6pm.

To register your interest please contact the Parish Office on 9335 2268, Mon to Fri 9am to 3pm or via email

The journey is best experienced over the five weeks, however if you cannot attend all five weeks you are still welcome to be part of the journey.

World Day of Prayer 2022

Many Parishioners will remember that last March we gathered in St Patrick’s Basilica to pray for the people of Vanuatu and learnt more of their faith, lifestyle and needs.  This year on Friday March 4, parishioners of St John’s Anglican Church in Fremantle will lead us in prayer and thanksgiving for the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The service will take place at 10 am and our St Pat’s parishioners are invited to attend. Please join us and be part of this worldwide celebration.

Fremantle Park Concert – Sunday 6th March, 2022

We have received notification that on Sunday 6 March there will be a SummerSalt Concert on Fremantle Park (along Ellen Street, opposite CBC Fremantle) from 12noon to 9pm. They are expecting large crowds and there will be road closures and detours in place on Ord, Ellen and Parry Streets.  This will also impact parking spaces around these areas on the day with possible limited number of parking spaces available. We advise that you plan and give yourself plenty of time to arrive for Masses on the day.

Children’s Liturgy

During the school terms, Children’s Liturgy will be celebrated at 5pm Mass on Sunday.  If you have your children attending the Mass with you kindly send them to the Children’s chapel, (located on the left-hand side of your entrance to the Church) where the Children’s Liturgy coordinators will guide your children in the liturgy. Thanks for your co-operation.

Safeguarding of our children in the Parish

The Archdiocese Safeguarding Project was started in 2016 by Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB with the aim of providing a safe and secure environment for all its members, leaders and especially children and vulnerable adults. The parish of St Patrick’s Basilica is committed to creating a safe parish. To read more please click here.

The Planned Giving Programme 

The planned giving programme is an important part of the Parish as it allows us to maintain all aspects of the Basilica, Presbytery and Parish Administration Centre. To keep the Parish viable, we must maintain a target of 95% and above each week. Last week’s giving was 59%.

Please consider joining the Planned Giving Programme. If you are not already a member, for more information contact the Parish Office. Thank you!

God bless,

Fr John Sebastian
Rector and Parish Priest