Saturday 13 February 2021

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Greetings to you all!

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, the first reading gives us the background of the sad state of lepers in first-century AD Palestinian society. The Book of Leviticus contains laws that teach the Israelites that they should always keep themselves in a state of legal purity, or external sanctity, as a sign of their intimate union with the Lord.

During my theological studies, every Oblate student was given the opportunity to go and serve in a ministry in which we were interested before we go for our annual holidays. One year I chose to work with the leprosy patients in Bangalore (now it is known as Bengaluru). The name of the place is known as Sumana Halli, which means the “Village of Goodwill”. It was situated on the outskirts of the city. During this hand-on experience, I had felt with them, how they were socially disconnected. Some were even disowned by their own family members. I cannot just express in words the sufferings and the feelings of rejection they had in their lives. They cannot go and visit their own family, because they do not want to know them.

Whenever I read this passage of the gospel, my above-mentioned memory comes alive. In the gospel reading, a person with leprosy approaches Jesus, who has experienced rejection from society and family with these trusting words saying, ‘If you want to you can cure me.’ These words of this person with leprosy reveal to us his longing to be connected with others in society and wanted to live a normal life like others. So, he comes to Jesus with great trust that Jesus can cure him. So, Jesus knowing his situation in life stretched out his hand and touched him. ‘Of course, I want to!’ he said. ‘Be cured!’ And the leprosy left him at once and he was cured.

Dear friends, curing of this leper by Jesus points out clearly the divine power and the divine compassion of Jesus. The incarnation of Jesus shows us that God had great concern and compassion for all of us; that was the only reason He sent His only begotten Son for our sake so that we could all enjoy the fullness of life He has promised to all of us.

Pope Francis, in his homily last week said that caring for the sick is not an “optional activity” for the Church, but an integral part of her mission; like Jesus, the Church is called “to bring the tenderness of God to suffering humanity.”

Yes, dear friends, we all have the responsibility to reach out to those who suffer in the world and to show our compassion to others who suffer from various illnesses in their lives. When I show an act of care and compassion to others, I reflect the face of God, who is in me. Amen

Readings and Hymns

Please click here to download the readings and hymns for the 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B.

Post lock down measures at the Basilica of St. Patrick


Dear friends, effective from Saturday 6 February, we are delighted to be able to re-open the doors of the Basilica, as we transition out of lock down.

Services resume as normal, with Midday Mass Monday to Saturday, and weekend Masses Saturday 6pm Vigil, and Sunday 8am, 8.15am (North Fremantle) 9:30am (Italian), 11am and 5pm.

We will have the following government regulations in place:

    • Masks to be worn inside the church at all times – no mask no entry.
    • Mandatory register needs to be completed on entrance to the Basilica and Administration Centre.
    • 4 square metre rule and 1.5m social distance to be maintained unless you are family.
    • Maximum seating capacity will be 150 only.
    • Please sanitise your hands upon entry into the church.
    • Confessions will be heard from the Children’s chapel, in order to follow the government regulations.

We thank you for your support and adherence to these measures, helping all people in Perth WA as the world fights against the spread of COVID-19. We continue to pray for everyone.

Pastoral letters from our Archbishop Costelloe SDB

Please click here (Please add the link) to read Archbishop’s Lenten Pastoral Letter for 2021.

Please click here to read from our Archbishop Costelloe’s Pastoral letter, where he reflects on the recent lockdown and the bushfire that affected our state

Please click here to read regarding the post-lockdown transition period for Metropolitan Perth and the Peel region from our Archbishop, which came into effect at 6pm, Friday, 5 February 2021.

Papal Approval of the Constitutions and Rules on February 17, 2021

Pope Leo XII formally approved, The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate Constitutions and Rules on February 17, 1826.  To this day, revised and adapted over the past 195 years, they remain “a privileged means for each Oblate to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ “(C # 163) writes our Superior General Fr. Louis Lougen, OMI. To read his full message please click here.

Since 17th February falls on Ash Wednesday; our Superior General invited us to celebrate it on the 16th February. So, on this day the Oblate Community in Fremantle will have a concelebrated Mass at 12pm at the Basilica of St. Patrick.

Please join us and pray for all the members of the congregation especially for our good health and also for more vocation to the Priesthood and religious life.

Brother Anthony Nguyen Van Nghieu OMI

We shall warmly welcome Bro. Anthony Nguyen Van Nghieu to our Parish community. He was born on March 10, 1985 in Vietnam. He joined the Oblate juniorate in Vietnam in 2009. He professed his First vows in 2012 and the Final profession 2017. He arrived in Australia on August 26, 2019 after finishing his philosophy and theology in Vietnam.

While he was in Australia at St. Mary’s Seminary, he studied some courses of English at Yarra Theological Union. Now he joins the Fremantle Oblate Community to gain some pastoral experience before he returns to Vietnam where he will be ordained as an Oblate Priest. He is a very warm and friendly person, so please make him welcome in our community.

Ash Wednesday Mass Times

We begin our Lenten journey on 17th February with the celebration of Ash Wednesday. It is a great season to take an inward journey into our lives and see what needs to be corrected so that we can enjoy the fulness of life that Christ has promised to us (Jn 10:10). We shall take this time of reflection seriously and come closer to God.

According to the directives received from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, this year the ashes will be sprinkled on your heads.

To read the directives regarding the Distribution of Ashes in Time of Pandemic click here.

On Ash Wednesday, there will be Three Masses: 9.00am, 12noon and 7pm. Please make use of this opportunity and begin our Lenten journey with the determination to follow Jesus at all times in our lives.

Lenten Preparation Programme

We begin our First Lenten reflections on 22nd February at 7pm in the Parish Centre. This programme has been well attended and enjoyed for some years now and we invite you to join us this year too.

If you wish to join this reflection group, please contact the Parish Office on 9335 2268, Mon to Fri (9am to 3pm).  All are welcome.

Parish Religious Education Programme (PREP)

This year the Fremantle Catholic Parish of St Patrick’s Basilica will offer the Parish Religious Education Programme (PREP) for all Catholic children who attend non-Catholic Schools.

This programme incorporates Religious Education along with Sacramental Preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation.  Classes will commence in February and will continue throughout the whole year.  The Sacramental Parent Information evening will be held on 16 February at 6.30pm in the Parish Centre.

World Day of Prayer – “Build on a Strong Foundation” – Vanuatu

The idea of Christians all over the world in over 170 countries coming together to pray the same ecumenical service on the first Friday in March every year is a lovely one.  This year The Basilica of St Patrick will host the Ecumenical Prayer Service on Friday 5th March 2021 at 10am.

All are welcome to join us in prayer and afterwards enjoy a cup of tea in the Parish Centre. If you are attending and would like to bring a plate, please let the Parish office know of your intentions.

We would also like to know if any parishioners have artifacts or extra information about Vanuatu that would be greatly appreciated.

Wishing you a happy weekend.

God bless you all!

Fr. John Sebastian OMI
Rector and Parish Priest