Basilica Newsletter – Friday 4 September 2020

Friday, 4 September 2020

Dear Parishioners and Friends

A warm greeting to everyone!

Reflection for the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

The word of God today reminds us and challenges us to continue on the path to forgiveness and reconciliation. We all know in human living, we don’t always meet people who will agree with our thinking or our doing, so when we meet those moments in life, how should we deal with the issues that come up? In general, the 18th Chapter in Matthew’s gospel is a discourse on mutual relations within the Christian community and, especially, what to do when divisions arise.

Here is the advice of a tribal leader to his members: “If you have quarreled with a brother and you have decided to kill him,” he said, “first sit down, fill your pipe and smoke it. When you have finished smoking you will realize that death is a severe punishment for the mistake he has committed, and you may decide to give a good whipping instead. Then you fill your pipe a second time and smoke it to the bottom. By then you feel that the lashes will be too much and instead some simple words of reproof would be sufficient. Then when the third time you have filled your pipe and smoked it to the finish, you will be better convinced that the better thing to do is, going to that brother and embrace him.

Dear friends, during this week, please set aside sometime for yourself, and find out, how you deal with the disputes you have between the members of your family, friends, relatives and work colleague. Please remember, love is our guiding force to achieve unity.

Fathers’ Day celebration
Sunday 6 September 2020, we celebrate Father’s Day. It is a special day in a year where we stop and think about the love, sacrifice and the dedication our father’s do for us in our lives.

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the vital importance of the father’s role comes from the fact that, with his wife, he co-operates with God the Creator in bringing a new human life into the world.

So, it is a time to say thanks to all fathers both living and dead, who have played a major role in the growth of the family and children. It is a time to remember their sacrifice, love and concern that they have for their families. It is also the time to prove that the children have inculcated some of the values from the fathers.  Wishing you all a wonderful Fathers’ day celebration.

Pontifical Holy Land Collection, 13 September 2020

This year, due to the pandemic caused by the Corona virus, it was not possible to take up the Good Friday Collection dedicated to supporting Christians living in the Land of Jesus.

The collection in favour of the Holy Land is a small gesture of solidarity that the whole Church is called to make in order to support through the Custody of the Holy Land, the Christian communities that are in the Holy Land, and feel the weight and also the glory of the Cross of Jesus on their shoulders. So, there will be a special collection taken up next Sunday. Thanks for all your generous support.

Parking in the School ground

The School Grounds will be unavailable for parking on Sunday 6 September due to the Annual Hot Rod Show. Thanks for your co-operation.

Readings and Hymns

Please click here to download the readings and hymns for the 23nd Week in Ordinary Time Year A.

Let us continue to support one another through our prayers.

I wish you all a happy weekend.

God bless!



Fr. John Sebastian
Rector and Parish Priest